Metronomy – LateNightTales (OUT TODAY)

Today LateNightTales has released Metronomy’s album addition to their collection. The album features tracks from a diverse range of artists including Outkast, Chick Corea, Tweet and Autechre, below is the video and the album stream:


In this new album Metronomy have released a cover version of Jean Michel Jarre’s “Hypnose” which is linked below: 


3 Leaked Lana Del Rey Tracks

I unfortunately was not pulled into the Lana craze.  I’m not a huge fan, especially her live performance, but to those of you at Reading & Leeds who will be going to  watch I say: ‘Brace yourself and good luck’. However, I also dedicate this post to you as I have very minimal interest in it myself:

Lana Del Rey has had 3 new unheard tracks leaded out online “The Big Bad Wolf”, “Playing Dangerous” & “Afraid”. I must say that “Playing Dangerous” does do something for me a little bit more than the drone of ‘Born to Die’ did though not quite as much as her guest vocals of A$AP Rocky’s song ‘Ridin’. So to all those fans of Lana, here they are:

FREE DOWNLOAD// The Joy Formidable – “Wolf’s Law”

The Joy Formidable have released their new song “Wolf’s Law” yesterday via youtube. This is a new sort of sound for them, although, TJF have a habit of surprising after completely disregarding their first album “A Balloon Called Moaning” and replacing it with “The Big Roar” The JF seem to change their sense of direction all the time and this time I can say I support their decision.

Despite loving ‘A Balloon Called Moaning”, “The Big Roar”  did startle me and I did not enjoy it. Aside from the songs that were “re-invented” from the first album I thought the change of direction was lacklustre. But in “Wolf’s Law” we hear a refreshing new beauty.

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NEW MUSIC VIDEOS// Grimes, Les Sins & More

Below is the new video for Grimes’ “Genesis” off her amazing album “Visions”. Kreayshawn & Grimes have got to be the two coolest female artists out there at the moment. Her style and personality is reflected in this incredible new video for one of the highlighs favourite song off the album:

The new Chaz Bundick song “Fetch” under ‘Les Sins’ now has a super slow-mo video to it’s name.

Major Lazer has released a new video to his song “Get Free” however, you cannot see link it yet so I have just tweeted it@SebWhyte via Disco Naivete.

Even Marilyn Manson is popping out new music video in his old style, here is Slo-Mo-Tion