Everything Everything – Cough Cough

The return of Everything Everything will be pleasant news for many, their first album went down a treat and “Cough Cough” has already racked up a lot of views. Their distinctive style is back once more, below:


Palma Violets – Best of Friends // MUSIC VIDEO

NME have been creating a lot of hype for this track by the relatively new band Palma Violets claiming it is “the catchiest guitar song in years”. I’m not quite sure I agree but I enjoy it nonetheless:

MellowHype – La Bonita // MUSIC VIDEO

Odd Future’s Left Brain & Hodgy Beats, aka MellowHype have just released a video to their track “La Bonita”. It has immediately become one of my favourite tracks from the duo’s project. Left Brain’s flow in the first verse is something to be admired his effortless talent really kicks off this song and the track really gets going when Hodgy soars. His verse is fire, just amazing.Overall this song highlights the best of MellowHype with fantastic production. Me Gusta:

NEW MUSIC VIDEOS// Grimes, Les Sins & More

Below is the new video for Grimes’ “Genesis” off her amazing album “Visions”. Kreayshawn & Grimes have got to be the two coolest female artists out there at the moment. Her style and personality is reflected in this incredible new video for one of the highlighs favourite song off the album:

The new Chaz Bundick song “Fetch” under ‘Les Sins’ now has a super slow-mo video to it’s name.

Major Lazer has released a new video to his song “Get Free” however, you cannot see link it yet so I have just tweeted it@SebWhyte via Disco Naivete.

Even Marilyn Manson is popping out new music video in his old style, here is Slo-Mo-Tion