Summer Tune – # 14

T-Rex -‘Hot Love’

You have got to love T-Rex, you have to. That’s how they took the world by storm, they are contagious they have you singing all day long and this ‘Hot Love’ is my personal favourite.I couldn’t find the original so here is the live on top of the pop’s version below enjoy:


Summer Tune – # 13

# 13 Mr Scruff – ‘Get a Move On’

Everybody wants a bit of sweet jazz in summer, so here’s Mr. Scruff with his famous track ‘Get A Move On’. If your wondering how to class this kind of music it’s called Electro-Swing and it’s perfect for those real music lovers who enjoy and appreciate old fashion Big Band, Swing and Dixieland Jazz this is how i would define a new antique, something old with a new spark or something new with a vintage tinge. Anyway here’s a nice jazzy upbeat track by Mr Scruff:

Below isn’t the original it’s been pitched and extended, so if you want this version buy it off the Hotel Costes: La Suite album…

Summer Tune – # 12

# 11 Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought – ‘Life Gets Better’

This is the only Drum N Bass album I have ever bought, because it’s just got all I want for summer. Three Summers now I have been chilling to Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought’s incredible album ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ and this is the song Is the song I think does the album most justice. ‘Life Gets Better’ is not very DnB-ish so you can relax a bit with this on and the reggae style guitar and fast rapping just add to an overall fucking awesome song which contributes to another incredible album.

Here’s Number 12, the song of my summer 2010 ‘Life Gets Better’:

Summer Tune – #11

Born Ruffians – ‘Little Garçon’

Damn it was a nice day today, I just sat, relaxed and walked the dogs, and whilst frolicking in the grass this came on my I-pod and it completed my day. Gotta love a harmonica on a sunny day, harmonica and whistling are the instruments I find if used properly make the perfect summer song.

So here is ‘Little Garçon’:

Summer Tune – ♯ 10

 Guster – Do You Love Me?

Today has been an incredible cluster fuck… I was caught out of school buying some ciders to eat at a friends house for a bbq and am now in trouble, even though i was out of school supervision and therefore not under school rules. But as usual I don’t give a shit, just finding the things in live worth enjoying and living and not at all bummed out about having to see the Deputy Headmaster because ITS FUCKING SUMMER TIME MAN. Here is a song showing the happiness and hilarity of my cluster fuck day, but dnt you worry the whole playlist will be up in a few moments.

Here is Guster’s ‘Do You Love Me?’ which is very Shins-ish sounds very similar to ‘Australia’ and most of the Shins jollier tunes.  ANYWAY here is a song to make you smile…

Summer Tunes – # 9

Biz Markie – Just A Friend.

Remember the video to the my other summer tune ‘Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard’, well Biz Markie was one of the rappers at the start of that. Here’s his song from ‘The Wackness’ soundtrack, which is fucking brilliant, so I recommend that highly. Anyway, I know it’s an old song but every year it reminds me of end of school and summer so thought it should be put in my first 10 summer tunes.

Here’s big number nine in the summer playlist ‘Just A Friend’ (Ignore the short six seconds of shit at the start):

Purely because it is such an amazing film with such a brilliant soundtrack here is the trailer for ‘The Wackness’

Summer Tunes – #8

To keep the whole tUnE-yArDs feel going i thought number 8 deserved to be ‘Doorstep’. It was a hard choice between this and ‘Gangsta’ but i decided ‘Doorstep’ was more relaxing and put a smile on my face. So here’s tUnE-yArDs in all their unique glory…

Live in Paris:


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