Awolnation – ‘Sail’

Just heard this on radio and recognised it so thought I should showcase it again as it came out November last year and I don’t think many people were aware. Anyway its different to most of the bassy song around it’s just… damn contagious and refreshingly different. Its like dupstep bass mixed with hard rock vocals and jazzy piano, it’s sweet.

Here it is, ‘Sail’

Here it is again because stupid link doesn’t work to youtube, and this link doesn’t have my favourite middle bit…:


Hilltop Hoods – ‘Nosebleed Section’

Here’s another classic song that needs bringing back to life. Pisses me off its not available on iTunes so if you want it your gunna have to convert the youtube link

Here it is ‘Nosebleed Section’ accompanied by a sick bike video.

Resurrected Tune, Young Radicals – ‘You Only Get What You Give’

Depressingly enough, Young Radicals barely have any photos of themselves on Google, and there is only one photo which is on the youtube link…

Sure its the kind of song your Dad would play at a BBQ with all of his mid life crisis buddies, but lets be honest, its fucking catchy. You gotta love a bit of cheese, and Young Radicals the marvellous one hit wonders (much like Junior Senior) did rival with ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ for my resurrection. The reason Toploader didn’t make it? Because everyone has ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ still in their heads, chances you have forgotten this is much higher so I thought it deserved another life.

Here is the wonderfully cheesey, catchy, midlife crisisey ‘You Only Get What You Give’:

Resurrected Tune, Junior Senior – ‘Move Your Feet’

I’m posting this half an hour before my biology exam. This shows the happiness I during the day today before I got pulverised by a filthy exam. Wish me luck.

This is one the first songs i ever bought, I completely forgot how fucking brilliant it is so after re-finding this gem, i thought it should be brought back from the dead.

Here is the first proper resurrected tune, ‘Move Your Feet’ with its memorable music video and contagious tune:

Alex Turner – ‘Stuck On A Puzzle’

Came out in March but popped up on my shuffle the other day and thought it was worthy of a post. From the soundtrack of Submarine, which is a brilliant film below is the trailer. Just when I lost all love in the Monkey’s  with ‘Suck It and See’ listening to Turner’s soundtrack to the film again shows me he hasn’t lost it, he’s just experimenting.