ALBUM STREAM// Two Door Cinema Club – “Beacon”

When I first heard Two Door cinema club 4 years ago at the Underage festival I was amazed. I thought they were brilliant and so unique and different. They were, however, each song of theirs was not unique and different from the status quo and as soon as the cat on the album cover of “Tourist History” reared it’s little head I wanted to kill them. What were they thinking?! I thought they had so  much promise. They through it all away for the safe option of popularity they did not take one risk. Once again I cannot dispute they deserved to be signed their live performances still somehow drag me in, but their albums just bore me to death.

They have released a stream of their upcoming album “Beacon”, it leaked onto the internet long ago but I could think of nothing worse than bringing back all the disappointment I felt when “Tourist History” was released so I will allow you to judge for yourselves here is “Beacon”:

All I can say for it at the moment is that the songs seem to vary a bit in sound. I think they have tried to employ a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club and  Maccabee’s to their album, listen out for it…


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