ALBUM REVIEW// The XX – Coexist

Finally, the follow up to The XX’s incredible debut is upon us. It is different as well, it may not be quite as captivating as the first but this is probably due to the fact their sound isn’t so much as a shock as it was when we first heard ‘Crystalised ‘ back in 2009.

Coexist is like the return of an old friend. Just like “XX”, “Coexist” has not got a bad track on it. They all blend into each other to create another phenomenal album of bliss and beauty. Raw and relaxed, ‘Coexist’ is said to be influenced by “club music”.  Knowing that Jamie XX is a huge fan of deep house and garage it is obvious that some of the beats are influenced by Jamie’ s club preferences.  I think The XX have had  a good approach to their second album, considering they were initially not to record another album at all, this more laid back album is the perfect follow up to the debut that was so solid and infectious. This relaxed ambience to “Coexist” may not please all fans of XX as it doesn’t quite pack the punches of ‘Crystallised’, ‘Intro” or ‘Heart Skipped A Beat’ however, it’s the rawness of this album which isn’t trying to defeat it’s predecessor which makes it so effortlessly brilliant. Are there tracks that will make you want to sway and groove as much as XX? Yes, to some degree, but it’s a different kind of addiction you get to this album than you have every felt before.

I’m not going to do a track by track analysis for ‘Coexist’ as no doubt I will be praising each track in a similar way. The inevitability that everyone will buy this album in full also keeps me from writing a ridiculously long review. However, I will link 4-5 songs off the new album for download via Zippy share:

Your Welcome


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