ALBUM REVIEW // The Antlers – Undersea

Undersea: “the serenity of drifting off to sleep or sinking to the bottom of the ocean,” is what The Antlers have described as their new EP and WOW, do they deliver.

The success of both Antlers albums made my expectations of Undersea very high, but this EP is arguably the best thing the band has produced yet. The most striking thing for me at least was the use of horns and effects  which created a new dimension to The Antlers’ already broad musical diversity. The album moves as one, a without a doubt adds this “serenity of drifting off to sleep” .

Each track stands out individually but maintains the same ambience of drifting in the ocean…

The EP opens with “Drift Dive” and an array of hypnotising slide guitar, soothing horns and synths which begin our slow journey undersea. We then merge into “Endless Ladder” an 8 minute odyssey of effects, soothingly sinking us deeper into relaxation and bliss. “Endless Ladder” is a side of The Antlers that has very been revealed before. In the depths of this oceanic EP it lures you in to the next melody of “Crest” , the shortest yet stand out track of the EP. “Crest” employs smooth, haunting horns, phenomenal falsetto and touching croon from Silberman and sounds like a missing masterpiece off ‘Burst Apart’ that drifted away. The Final song is entitled “Zelda” , the ending to our drift, sings out clearer than most of the other tracks with a relaxed driving guitar lead supported by more horns bringing us to a slow yet relaxing halt.

I could not recommend this EP more, it really is a promising growth to The Antlers and a flattering peak at what their third album may have elements of.

Below is “Crest”:


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