The Return Of Mumford & Sons: ‘I Will Wait’

Now, like everybody when I first heard Mumford & Sons I thought: “Wow, what originality I cannot wait for the album!” and when I heard the album I thought “Has this moved on the the next track yet?”. Yes Mumford and Sons are big around the globe but seeing them support Arcade Fire they have a long way to go to be GREAT. So it is safe to say I had low hopes for the second album. However, I always had faith that they would change like many great bands do throughout their discography e.g Radiohead, Beatles, even Arctic Monkeys throughout their 10 year career!

Mumford have not matured.

I’m not criticising the song at all, it does the M&S trick, its folky, strummed, uplifting, OH! and wouldn’t you know there is a banjo break too! It’s going to earn them money and be just as catchy and played as “Sigh No More”, like most anticipated songs and albums are, but if you have a hope for an interesting and unique album, I would turn away from “Babel” (Which is out September 24th)


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