NEW ALBUM// Grizzly Bear – “Shields”

One of my favourite bands, Grizzly Bear, are set to release their new album “Shields” on September 17th. However, like “Coexist” & “Babel”, Grizzly Bear also have monstrously popular album to follow up: “Veckatimest”.

The lead single off Veckatimest, “Two Weeks” was one of the most popular songs of 2009 which led to a host of remixes & samples. My anticipation for “Shields” is massive. Ed Droste has, in my eyes, never put a foot wrong. Firstly, he created one of my favourite albums in the form of Department of Eagles’ “In Ear Park” and after this his experiment with Grizzly Bear’s first album “Horn Of Plenty” acquiring a surprising amount of praise he began birthing consistently intelligent albums. Now, after Chris Taylor’s surprising side project of CANT, G Bear’s “Shields” has a lot of promise.

Here are a few tracks that have already been released from “Shields”:

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