Back On The Blog.

For the first week of my return this blog may be a bit behind. But I have many upcoming albums in my possession which I will be reviewing to hopefully make it up to you all. Along with the blog returning, I’ll be starting a podcast, for free, each week with some of my favourite songs of the week and lost gems.

But lets get straight to it:

Now I know Kreayshawn isn’t for everyone but for those of you who want it here is the new video to “Go Hard” which will be on her upcoming album “Something ‘Bout Kreay!’ coming out on September 18th.

This song is getting bigger by the day, still yet to be officially released in the UK but trust me it’s blowing up and for good reason.

Zulu Winter have come back with “Key To My Heart”

TV Girl released their first ever mixtape a few months back and have recently released a video to one of my favourite tracks from it entitled “Misery”. I would recommend that you download all the free EPs and mixtapes TV Girl have released, because I personally believe they deserve more exposure.

Charli XCX is beginning to get a lot of attention having been remixed by Deadboy, OFWGKTA’s The Internet as well as Blood Orange.

Yeasayer have remix Gotye’s “Eyes Wide Open”, his very underrated song from album “Making Mirrors”. A review of Yeasayer’s upcoming album “Fragrant World” is on it’s way and at first listen it could even live up to “Odd Blood”

FINALLY: Kid Cudi is back with a new song “Just What I Am”.

and for fans of White Denim here is a download link to their two new songs: “Darlene”, “Gas on F”

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