The Weeknd – ‘Thursday’ Free Mixtape/Album Download. ALBUM REVIEW

Earlier on in the year the underground R&B all stars The Weeknd released ‘House Of Balloons’ their free mixtape/album and now here is their follow up: ‘Thursday’ I have already posted tasters of this album ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘The Birds Part I’ and from those two tracks alone you can tell what kind of album/mixtape this is…

It kicks off with ‘Lonely Star’ in classic Weeknd Style with falsetto voice and pounding rhythm. It’s one of the classic Weeknd humming tracks which gets lodged into your head making it the perfect album opener leaving you hungry for more. ’Lonely Star’ is one of the tracks that has so many sections in it, it’s hard to put your finger on what aspect you like most. For example this track slows down towards the end which gives this mixtape a full flow as it leads on perfectly to the slightly menacing guitar riff and russian-esque rhythm of ‘Life of the Party’. It’s odd. Not like usual Weeknd, however it does give the impression of a sort of fucked up fun-house which kind of relates back to ‘House Of Balloons’ it’s definitely the darkest track I’ve heard from The Weeknd which kind of makes it the most interesting. People will have mixed emotions about ‘Life Of The Party’ but in my opinion it’s an interesting edgy side of The Weeknd we haven’t heard before. ‘Thursday’ being the title track is anticipated as one of the better tracks. In my opinion it’s kind of dull. It’s very long winded, the majority of the singing is repeated lines or lyricless melodic moans. It’s still a damn sight better than most R&B, the beat is still very entrancing and taking note of the word ‘melodic’ in my last sentence even the repeated moans and echoes of ‘Thursday’ are easy on the ears and relaxing. I think the only reason this seemed to be a let down is because this was the title track. ‘The Zone’ is time for everyones favourite rapper to join in, only kidding it’s fucking Drake. I must give it to him though, he didn’t ruin it. In fact Drake coming into the song is kind of refreshing it’s different so it’s interesting but where this track fails is where ‘Thursday’ failed. The expectation of this song being better than the others purely because a bigger artist is involved really is what makes you disappointed. It’s just like the song before it, long winded, this 7 minute ride isn’t at all like having a long, slow climb up to steep drop on a roller coaster in fact is more like a double ride on ‘It’s a small world after all’. Luckily, ‘The Birds’ are here to fix the albums past to anti climaxes. If you haven’t heard ‘The Birds Part 1’ it’s the first Weeknd song to get. It has a military drum roll to it and a classic R&B charm to it, whist still maintaing The Weeknd’s melancholic style. This is hands down the best song off the mixtape, it has everything you could want It has soft section with acoustic guitar and enchanting vocals towards the end and if that isn’t enough the softer more relaxing style of ‘The Birds Part 2’ should be enough. Part 2 is enriched with some brass and shaky guitar and sections with a ghostly, child-like voice all creating a nice contrast in part 2 to part 1’s powerful military rhythm. Next is ‘Rolling Stone’  which is another favourite of mine, just a simple reverb vocal and acoustic guitar song but with a gripping vocal line and a nice repetitive nature to it making you want to stick it on repeat for hours. ‘Gone’ is the longest track on the album/mixtape and again is pretty long winded but this time it changes towards the end however it’s only toward the last 2 minutes so if you tolerate the first 6 minutes of bland computerised synthy ornaments and the same kind of vocals you heard in ‘The Zone’ and ‘Thursday’  then you will get to an only slightly different kind of the thing at the end of the song. ‘Heaven Or Las Vegas’ has a reggae kind of tint to it. Merging the military style rhythm of ‘The Birds Part 1’ with a more reggae styled bass line and smooth guitar riff’s and ornaments gives ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ a nice fresh feel to it. Towards the end of the track everything fades out in very smooth way with fading trumpets fanfare-ing in a reggae style creating a very refreshing end to a slightly monotonous album.

All I can say is at least The Weeknd are experimenting. There is a clear distinction between the softer more relaxing ‘Thursday’ and the more edgy, haunting and gripping  ‘House Of Balloons’




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