Finally, Back In England.

Sorry to all my loyal readers for being absent for over a month! Holidays are a very busy time for everyone and especially for a blogger. But have no fear I’m back and willing to report on anything you ask just post a comment asking for me to review an upcoming album, a track, give a playlist of songs HONESTLY ANYTHING TO MAKE UP FOR MY ABSENCE.

For now I’m going to post 8 of the best songs in the past month, trust me there hasn’t been much but here they are:

1. Gotye – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

Great video, catchy tune with a hint of melancholy and Kimbra’s tones really do make this the first song to find from this past month. New album is out tomorrow entitled ‘Making Mirrors’

2. Tallest Man On Earth – ‘Weather Of A Killing Kind’

Being a huge Dylan fan, I love The Tallest Man On Earth, this is the track he recorded for Adult Swim’s 8 week singles programme, and it’s just fantastic, you can download it for free of the adult swim website. Adult Swim, Singles

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie’

RHCP are back, new guitarist, new sort of chili’s. It may not be as good as other songs but it’s still damn good and unique, I don’t ever see there being another RHCP to be honest they are just so unique. Here is the new video to their new song:

4. M83 – ‘Midnight City’

The french dance pioneers M83 are back with their first single from upcoming album ‘Hurry Up, We Are Dreaming’ there is something very 80’s about it despite being sort of new wave, the sax solo really does top this track off and all I can say is i’m so excited for the album.

5.Givers – ‘Up, Up, Up’

A nice summery song to lift the spirits up, Givers are a very Vampire Weekend-ish band with a female touch and a more Born Ruffians chant to them. ‘Up, Up,Up’s crazy video is below:

6. TV Girl – ‘Benny And The Jetts’

TV Girl have quickly become one of my new favourite groups and this is because if you know me and you know new antiques, you know I am a fan of all vintage style music and fashions with a modern twist. TV Girl are a perfect example of a ‘new antique’ it’s very 60’s with a modern beat here it is below:

7. Scroobius Pip – ‘Introdiction’

Scroobius Pip, being one of my favourite modern, urban poets was always going to make my best tracks of the month post. It’s an angrier side of Pip but nevertheless all the words are just as insightful as before, here is the video to ‘Introdiction’ first song from his upcoming solo (Dan Le Sac-less) album ‘Distraction Pieces’:

8. Real Estate – ‘Barely Legal’

This is personally my favourite track covered on the Strokes’ tribute album “Stroked” which gave away last month. It’s a lot more relaxed another perfect song to relax to in the remaining part of your summer:


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