Washed Out – ‘Amor Fati’ // FREE DOWNLOAD

This is finally something interesting. Recently I have not been very excited over the music, but Washed Out have done it again. ‘Amor Fati’ is the new track from their upcoming album which is set for release on July 12th.

It’s another typical deadbeat summer kind of song and it’s just nice and relaxing to hear a song which:

a.) Stands up above all the rest this month

b.) Personifies the relaxation and joy of summer

c.) It’s by Washed Out, and this along with ‘Echoes’ and ‘Eyes Be Closed’ shows us their upcoming album ‘Within and Without’ is going to be something special this summer.

Anyway below it is linked for download:


The Cool Kids – ‘Swimsuits’

I’ve been on holiday in the Isle Of Wight, and I can’t believe all I have missed is this.

Honestly there is nothing exciting otherwise. Below is The Cool Kids track ‘Swimsuits’ featuring Mayer Hawthorne. It’s the only thing that has thrilled me over the 4 days I have been missing. Oh Dear.

The Weeknd – ‘The Birds (Part 1)’ // FREE DOWNLOAD

New From Indie R&B stars The Weeknd, ‘The Birds (Part I)’ is yet another great track from them and they are quickly becoming one of the most impressive bands I’ve heard this year. They are so consistent especially as they are in the R&B genre which I have never liked too much they have shed a new light on it for me.


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Same Mistake’ // FREE DOWNLOAD

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have released their new single for free all you need to give is your e-mail adress. Their new album ‘Hysterical’ comes out in the US September 20th and apparently the 12th for us.

It’s hard to follow up great albums, especially when their debut was so good but ‘Hysterical’ looks promising. Following up ’Some Loud Thunder’ may be tough but it’s do-able. So fingers crossed this will do it.

‘Hysterical’ looks to be louder, and use more horns than we have seen in the past but you can’t really see this from ‘Same Mistake’ it’s got some strings to add some softness and the vocals are less messy than usual CYHSY, the vocals are quite poppy as far as CYHSY go. Website linked below:

CYHSY – Website

Future Islands – ‘Before The Bridge’

 Set to be released July 19th ‘Before The Bridge’  the forthcoming single from Future Islands is really unique. The vocals work in an almost paradox with the disco-esque backing track and its is possible the most unique track I have heard all month. June this year despite being just the start hasn’t thrilled me too much and this track I must say is the one to remember for this month.

Nas – ‘Nasty’ // FREE DOWNLOAD

To follow up with more rap, Nas has released a new track and boy is it nice to get a taste of old school when rap recently is all too similar. It is off his upcoming album ‘Life Is Good’. Enjoy via this site Nasty is available to download.

Nas – Nasty

Kanye West – ‘Mamma’s Boy’ // FREE DOWNLOAD

Kanye has released a track which was left off ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ called ‘Mamma’s Boyfriend’ fair enough to keep it off it does really fit in with the rest of the album but it’s a shame none the less.

It reminds me a lot of a ‘Late Registration’ kind of track so if your more of a ‘Monster’ and ‘Runaway’ fan you may not enjoy this as much as me but nevertheless it’s pretty awesome . It’s very similar to early Kanye and download link below:

Kanye West – “Mama’s Boy”

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