The Horrors – ‘Still Life’ FREE DOWNLOAD

Being a pretty massive Horrors fan i’m bestowing upon you their new track ‘Still Life’ for free, below is track to listen to and below that is the link to download it for free. I cannot wait for ‘Skying’ I can already tell it has got a lot of colour to it and will be an album to remember. Following up 2009’s ‘Primary Colours’ will be tough but if all the tracks have the same vibe and fresh light heartedness as this i’m sure it will not be a disappointment,and im sure Skying is still going to be filled with tracks like “Three Decades” and have the grit of “Sheena Is A Parasite ’ so the Gothic side of The Horrors is still strong.

Here is the track listing for ‘Skying’

01. Changing the Rain
02. You Said
03. I Can See Through You
04. Endless Blue
05. Dive In
06. Still Life
07. Wild Eyed
08. Moving Further Away
09. Monica Gems
10. Oceans Burning

Still Life – The Horrors (2011)


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