Summer Tune – ♯ 10

 Guster – Do You Love Me?

Today has been an incredible cluster fuck… I was caught out of school buying some ciders to eat at a friends house for a bbq and am now in trouble, even though i was out of school supervision and therefore not under school rules. But as usual I don’t give a shit, just finding the things in live worth enjoying and living and not at all bummed out about having to see the Deputy Headmaster because ITS FUCKING SUMMER TIME MAN. Here is a song showing the happiness and hilarity of my cluster fuck day, but dnt you worry the whole playlist will be up in a few moments.

Here is Guster’s ‘Do You Love Me?’ which is very Shins-ish sounds very similar to ‘Australia’ and most of the Shins jollier tunes.  ANYWAY here is a song to make you smile…


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