Junior Boys – ‘It’s All True’ // ALBUM REVEIW

Roll over Holy Ghost! Junior Boys are back and better than ever. ‘It’s All True’ is filled with catchy synthy tunes and will definitely be a good buy. The album comes out on June 13th and It won’t make iTunes’s new releases column so there will be no change of commercial chumps stumbling across it….

The album starts with ‘Itchy Fingers’ a catchy fast paced 80’s synth track. Listening you could imagine the boys to look like Rick Astley with quiffs and colourful shirts, thank god this isn’t the case. ‘Playtime’ is a 6 minute relaxation song which I can imagine putting a night to an end in the cab ride home before collapsing on bed. Ironic the song ‘Playtime’ is actually the most relaxing and somewhat the most boring track on the album (boring only in comparison to the rest of the album). ‘You’ll Improve Me’ keeping up the chilled out vibe set up by the previous track builds up towards the end to set us up for ‘A Truly Happy Ending’ which is a catchy, more danceable track which in someways reminds me of ‘Too Young’ by Phoenix with the muted funky guitar and the 80’s drum beat. ‘Reservoir’ is another chilled out song, perfect for those synth chill lovers. ‘Second Chance’ livens up things and starts the better half of the album, the funky synth, and lyrics mesh together to form an interesting tune and we start to see the more lively side to Junior Boys. ‘Kick the Can’ is like the game, dull. If anyone ever saw the Dexters Laboratory when Dexter gets stuck with the turtle who kicks the can in a video game, this would be that games soundtrack… This is a clear album filler so I accept its many faults. ‘ep’ is just fantastic. Below is the link on soundcloud, it is so catchy but at the same time has a message, you can feel the mood through the music, it intrigues me. Definite song to buy. Finally ‘Banana Ripple’, the name reflects on the song, its interesting. 9 minute long, interesting all the way, I just ask why they couldn’t have cut it in half and got rid of ‘Kick The Can’?

Anyway the songs to buy are ‘ep’,’Second Chance’, ‘Itchy Fingers’, ‘Banana Ripple’.

Below is ‘Banana Ripple’ and ‘ep’:

Banana Ripple:



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