Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See // ALBUM REVEIW

Now, all the talk of Arctic Monkeys going down hill had me going for a while but this isn’t true. However, I do believe that their single choice has been fucking stupid (putting it as politely as possible)

‘Suck It And See’  as I think I have written already is not the Arctic Monkeys we all know and love, and all i can say is…THANK GOD. Where could they have gone from ‘Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not’ they stepped it up and made a darker more experimental ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’. Although this was not a drastic change, it was a change. ‘Humbug’ on the other hand was quite a big change, and was one of my favourite albums of that year ‘My Propellor’, ‘Dance Little Liar’ and other gems made ‘Humbug’ a delightful album that shook off some mainstream followers. ‘Suck It And See’ is a glorious step back from the mainstream shaking off more ‘fans’. Arctic Monkeys have done a brave thing, like MGMT they have moved away from what they were known for and experimented. Bands who change are often the longer lived bands and long live the Arctic Monkeys.

The album opens with ‘She’s Thunderstorms’ which starts almost like a ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’  track with dissonance and edge but then later blossoms into a song which sounds sort of like The La’s and is an excellent album opener. ‘Black Treacle’ leads on perfectly from the first track. A slick transition keeps the mood going and with a Queens Of The Stone Age kind of lead guitar bend shows us Josh Homme’s influence isn’t ALL bad. BUT OH DEAR HERE COMES ‘Brick By Brick’. It’s fine the boys wanted to try something more punky but this is a clear QOTSA style song, despite being a big fan of QOTSA hearing Arctic Monkeys bust out heavier punky edgey tunes isn’t what I hoped for ‘Suck It And See’. It’s a grower though like  ‘Humbug’ tracks, ‘Dangerous Animals’, ‘Potion Approaching’ so give it a while. ‘The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’ Is another softer and relaxing track it’s one of those catchy sunny day tunes that I can’t complain about. NOW FOR TWO OF MY LEAST FAVOURITE TRACKS: ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair’ and “Library Pictures’ both short songs which feel like they last and age because they are just a mess. ‘Library Pictures’ is a moshing song, I can cope with it, but it does ruin the flow of a good album its fast and lively, but another grower. NOW FOR THE SINGLE. ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair’  is very QOSTA’ish it’s heavy but boring. ‘Library Pictures’ is better because its lively heavy and interesting but ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair’ is just the same thing over and over with QOTSA style guitar solo’s. It was just a fucking awful single choice. ‘All My Own Stunts’ is okay, its not brilliant it’s just okay. It’s got attitude and is interesting so no bad words no good ones. The rest of the album is flawless, ‘Reckless Serenade’ my favourite (as well as She’s Thunderstorms) has a ‘Mardy Bum’ thing to it and is just wonderful. ‘Piledriver Waltz’ from the Submarine soundtrack made the album which I completely support I just keep asking myself why didn’t ‘Stuck On The Puzzle’ replace ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair’? The Title Track is perfect a lot more colour to it that the cover art would suggest. Delightfully all the album is actually well worth the buy, I was pleasantly surprised, going in with low expectations i came out an even bigger fan. Album is out in June.

Below is ‘She’s Thunderstorms’ the album opener:


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