Summer 2011 Tunes – 4 & 5

Okay, Enough with the old lets bring in the new. Seeing as I forgot to post my summer song yesterday here comes two, both relatively short. Both by one of my favourite new DJs Star Slinger.

#4. Teams vs. Star Slinger – Close to Me. 

Brilliant video, brilliant vibe, just brilliant. I could just lay out in the sun in a field with some friends, cooking up a barbecue, kicking round a foot ball, drinking a few beers with the Teams vs Star Slinger album on repeat all day long. This is my personal favourite, it just has something special and magical in it and it is a song I would like to hear in 10 years time and remind me summer of 2011. Here is the magical ‘Close to Me’ and it’s odd but incredible video.

#5. Star Slinger – “Mornin’”

Another magical song by Manchester beatsmith Star Slinger, this time on his solo ‘Volume 1’ album, this is a song that answers the question ‘How has Star Slinger got startlingly popular over such a short amount of time?’ because he is fucking incredible. Mornin’ is one of the most popular blog tracks across the world and I am far from surprised. Star Slinger’s music connects with you in a different way to most blogged music it’s different and it’s interesting and it’s ALWAYS well done.

Here is the blog sensation “Mornin”


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