Yuck – ‘Milkshake’ FREE DOWNLOAD

Whenever i find a free download i’m happy, but when ever i find one from Yuck i’m ecstatic. Yuck have been a favorutie of mine for a long time, and they seem to keep whacking out better and better tracks. ‘Milkshake’ is a B-Side to ‘Shook Down’ which is going to be released as a single on June 27th. The B-sides that Yuck have put out make me wonder how they didn’t make the album, ‘Coconut Bible’ and now this? Yuck are up their in my favourite bands maybe because in the angry stages of becoming an adolescent I was a heavy grunge fan and loved Nirvana and Pearl Jam etc. But grunge has been changed, for the better in the form of Yuck. All I can say is thank fuck Cajun Dance Party fissioned to make Yuck!

Here it is Milkshake for a great start to the day.


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