The Antlers ‘Burst Apart’ Album Stream

Little late with the stream I apologise but better late than never.

The album drops tomorrow, keeping ‘Hospice’ out of your mind is advised as not much can follow up a phenomenal album like that. The connection ‘Hospice’ has to ‘Burst Apart’ is quite a contrast, so I warn you if you go in thinking this is Hospice II you will be deeply disappointed. The band has apparently called this album upbeat, but that’s not exactly true; it’s not happy but it is hopeful. This album is more the recovery of Peter Silberman’s broken heart than the Hospice sequel. Nevertheless the Antlers have managed to bust out a few good tracks like ‘Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out ‘and “Putting The Dog To Sleep,” and those are examples of the Antlers at their best.

01 I Don’t Want Love
02 French Exit
03 Parentheses
04 No Widows
05 Rolled Together
 Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out.mp3
07 Tiptoe
08 Hounds
09 Corsicana
10 Putting the Dog to Sleep



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