Deadboy – ‘Down On My Mind’ (Bon Iver Sample)

Deadboy is giving this away for free in celebration of his upcoming EP, ‘Here’, Its a sample of Bon Iver and you can probably guess which song, its ‘Woods’ again, however  this is a bit different it’s a lot more house-ish, its different so it’s caught my attention, here is ‘Down On My Mind’ below for download:


Delay Trees – Casette 2012 // FREE DOWNLOAD


 Here’s something nice and fresh. Download link below.


Beyonce – ‘Halo (How To Dress Well Remix)’

Sorry for the delay, here’s a slightly less gay version of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’. Remixed by How To Dress Well the link is below, that is all.

Beyoncé – Halo (How to Dress Well Refix)



Death Cab For Cutie – ‘Codes And Keys’ // ALBUM REVIEW

I wasn’t too convinced on a first listen but DCFC have done it again, there are a few tracks I must say I dislike and this is definitely not one of the better Death Cab albums but it’s still good and I am a fan of it. But anyway here we go track by track…

‘Home Is A Fire’, yeah it’s okay. Nothing more. Nothing special, The beginning is the best part but when it bursts into “colour” which is the same tune just without a vocal effect, it sort of reminds me of a limp ‘We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes’  track. I mean it gets a little bit more exciting by the end but thats pretty much it, not a fan. ‘Codes & Keys’ is good, it is interesting different from Death Cab’s usual stuff and this makes it memorable. The strings are enchanting and it just makes you smile and this is what I was hoping for from this album unfortunately not all songs are this entertaining. ‘Some Boys’ is another ‘Home Is A Fire’ kind of song, it is the same thing over and over and it depresses me that Death Cab have lost their imagination with this track which could have been a lot better. The Vocal line changes finally its so refreshing and you are filled with joy but then you are disappointed again to find out its the end of the song, but don’t get me wrong this isn’t awful it does get stuck in your head and it does grown on you, just it unfortunately doesn’t change very much and is a little bit more boring than I anticipated. ‘Doors Unlocked And Open’ FINALLY A LONG SONG. Most of DCFC’s long songs are brilliant, ‘Transatlanticism’, ‘No Joy In Mudville’, ‘Scientist Studies’ and of course ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’. This isn’t an exception it is a lot more interesting, edgey and catchy. This is probably because they have space to develop ideas so they do, their is a guitar riff finally when before most of the songs are pretty absent of dominant guitar lines. This is definitely one of the better tracks. ‘You’re A Tourist’ is brilliant, like older Death Cab it has a strong impact from the start and being the single it has an excuse for repetition which the other tracks do not. The guitar line is memorable catchy and just ideal for the song, I have no complaints. ‘Unobstructed Views’ is the longest track on the album and is interesting, soft, beautiful and reminds me of ‘No Joy In Mudville’  an ‘Transatlanticism’, it is a good track and is slightly minimalist in places just like ‘Transatlanticism’. ‘Monday Morning’ is another decant track, catchy, interesting and IMAGINATIVE. It’s probably one of my favourite tracks from the album, it has a certain happiness to it which makes it stand out a lot from the earlier tracks. ‘Portable Television’ is again quite happy and reminds me of ‘Diamond And A Tether’ off of their ‘Open Door – EP’ which stuck in my mind immediately. That is probably why I was attracted to this, it’s good, it’s ruled by jolly piano and is a refreshing part of the album. ‘Underneath The Sycamore’ is another of my favourite tracks. Led by guitar this track really does show me the Death Cab I love, and I think this is my favourite ‘Codes and Keys’ track everything about it is what I hoped for in this album. ‘St. Peter’s Cathedral’ is pretty good as well, the humming/ acappella background tune is a strong hook to this track. Finally ‘Stay Young, Go Dancing’ which is just awesome, happy perfect end to a good album.

Digitalism – ‘I Love You Dude’ // ALBUM REVIEW

Digitalism are back! After 7 long years Digitalism the German techno pioneers have returned with ‘I Love You Dude’ and it’s about time, ‘Idealism’ a fantastic debut album made Digitalism immediately popular and respect in the techno/dance music world.Now back again with the colourful ‘I Love You Dude’ album Digitalism are really making a noise.

The album opens with ‘Stratosphere’ a track with heavy Daft Punk influence and a good way to kick start the album and a very good displace of their Daft Punk influence. The second track is the first single ‘2 Hearts’. Its starts very relaxed and builds up to a techno blast, and the vocals sound like a Feeder song (which is a good thing for some reason). ‘2 Hearts’ is the most commercial you will see Digitalism, but this is understandable for their first single they do need to make an impact. ‘Circles’ is one of their weaker tracks a tune which isn’t very catchy heavy bass which sounds messy when the song is in full flow, but still Digitalism deliver, the start is interesting and towards the end of the track it also picks things back up again, however the majority doesn’t quite live up to the expectations the first two tracks create. ‘Blitz’ was on a Kitsuné Maison album and immediately grabbed my attention, considering this was a bad Kitsuné album ‘Blitz’ stood out vividly. With the same Daft Punky vibe as ‘Stratosphere’,’Blitz’ is another great track which makes this album a lot more worth it. ‘Forrest Gump’ is the next track and once again Digitalism have blown us alway. Julian Casablancas’s contribution to this song has a very strong impact on you it sounds sort of like one of his solo songs, obviously a lot more dancey but nevertheless this track still has a powerful hint of something Strokesy making this probably the most memorable song. ‘Reeperbahn’ isn’t very good, sorry boys but your taking things a bit too far with the heavy techno things with this one it just sounds like WWE wrestlers introduction music. ‘Antibiotics’ is also a techno based song with no vocals but isn’t quite as messy as ‘Reeperbahn’ so it’s not as harmful on your ears, still best to avoid. ‘Just Gazin’’ is a softer track purely because of the female voices. The synthesised acoustic guitar is fine but the melody it’s playing reminds me too much of Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ but this is one of the better tracks and still worth a listen. ‘Miami Showdown’ sounds like ‘Derezzed’ and is very Tron like it definitely creates the mood of a showdown so is probably a good song to get you pumped up. The song is very high in adrenaline so it is exciting and does add something to the album. ‘Encore’ is good exciting, happy, danceable one of the more interesting tracks but again no vocals. I liked ‘I Love You Dude’, liked not loved, it definitely isn’t up to scratch with ‘Idealism’ but is still good, i think it’s just the lack of vocals toward the end of the album leaving a chunk of boredom and making you appreciate it less.

My Morning Jacket – ‘Circuital’ // ALBUM STREAM

 Totally Forgot to review this, because i got it ages ago. But hey here it is the album stream for MY Morning Jacket’s sixth studio album ‘Circuital’ (title track below stream link), and be prepared for my review tonight…

Circuital STREAM

The Weeknd – ‘Rolling Stone’ FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Weeknd are the only underground R&B band that actually interests me. Their Mixtape/Album ‘House Of Balloons’ is just one of three this year, apparently the underground R&B group are planning to release mixtapes named ’Thursday’ and ‘Echoes Of Silence’ soon with collaboration with Drake. I’m a little disappointed they chose Drake, he’s shit, and could maybe blow their cover thrusting them into the hungry eyes of the chart lovers. GOD FORBID.

Anyway here is ‘Rolling Stone’:


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